RPH3 Committee 2022 - 23

Grand Master - Dodgy 1
Vice Grand Master: Dodgy 2
Sergeant Of Arms: In‐Limbo
Religious Advisor: Peakers
On Sex: Mutha Trucker
Trail Masters: Dodgy Two & Farkim
Choir Master: Gibbo
Grog Waiter: Schillaci
Hash Cash: Pussy
Raffle Masters: Fang & Farkium
Hash Flash: Empty
Hash Haberdash: Dodgy 1 & Advisor Tug
Grog Trailer Team
Dodgy 1: Tow trailer, deliver to run each
Fabio: Trailer Storage.
Blood Clot: Stocking Trailer
Customer Service: Kim Jong & Winnie
Titanic: Checking gas bottles. Storing
BBQ in trailer after use.

Harriers Gallery

hash 420.JPG